I've arranged the restaurants, so ones that are found in multiple states are listed first, after that the restaurants are listing in alphabetical order by state.  I hope this is helpful!


Burton's Grill:  We went to the Boston location (I'm not sure if it's still there). They have a fantastic gluten-free menu. I got the Haddock Sandwich with fries (no tartar sauce or coleslaw).  They were the ones that actually pointed out that their tartar sauce and coleslaw were not dairy free, so that was really nice that they caught that. 

Cheesecake Factory:  We've been to the Boston-Prudential Center location. The one time I've gone to here, I was a little overwhelmed with the menu and lack of help from the server and manager.  But, I still found food it eat and I didn't get sick.  I got the arugula salad with lemon juice and olive oil, golden raisins, and almonds, and the edamame, both from the small plates and snacks section of the menu.

Chick-fil-a: We've been to the Logan and Layton, Utah locations. This is another go to family spot.  We always get (including me), the grilled chicken nugget kids meal with waffle fries or applesauce and lemonade.

Chili's: We've been to the Logan, Utah location. This is a lunchtime spot for my hubby and I, on those rare occasions when we go to lunch together.  My favorite is the Caribbean Chicken Salad.

Costa Vida: We've been to the Logan, Utah location. This restaurant has worked hard to eliminate gluten from as much as possible, so the only things that have gluten in are the flour and wheat tortillas, the tres leches, and the key lime pie.  Tell them you have food issues and they will change their gloves and get the corn tortillas from a separate area of the kitchen.  Don't grill your tortillas if you have dairy issues, because they lather it with butter.  Also, the rice has butter in it.  The steak tacos are fantastic, also I've had the shredded chicken salad with corn tortillas in place of the flour ones and that was fantastic as well (just remember if you have issues with butter, request these with no rice).

Domino's: Yes, I know this made a huge splash in the gluten-free world and not in a good way.  It took me a while to decide to try it, but after hearing that other people were having good experiences, we decided to try it. So, we've tried the Domino's here in Logan, Utah, and it was good, and we didn't get glutened.  I got sick from eating too much pizza, but that was my own fault...and the symptoms are very different. Anyway, we ordered one without cheese and one with and it worked perfectly for our family.

Five Guys: Why I love this place is that the menu is incredibly simple.  They serve burgers and fries.  The fries are safe, because that's the only thing that goes in the fryer.  The burgers are safe, when you order them protein style, in a lettuce wrap.  And they are really good about changing their gloves and making sure the work area is clean before making the burger. Because of their simple menu, this makes it a safer place to dine.  To save money, I will get a burger (2 patties) and add an extra patty, and have enough hamburger patties for myself and both of my kids...and we bring GF buns from home for them.

HuHot Mongolian Grill: If you let them know you are gluten-free, this restaurant does everything they can to minimize cross contamination. Since they use a shared grill for all the cooking, they section off part of the grill and scour it down before cooking your food.  I haven't ever gotten sick here and they've had excellent choices to choose from.

Jimmy John's: These guys are awesome at taking cross contamination seriously.  I get the lettuce wraps their and when I tell them I have a gluten intolerance.  The line of people that prep the sandwiches change their gloves and lay down clean paper over their work area before before making my wrap.  I have not gotten sick there ever. I've only been to the one here in Logan, Utah.

Joe's American Grill and Bar: We've been to the Boston-Newbury St. Location. They have gluten-free pasta, and pizza. When I went, I kept it simple and got prime rib and a baked potato. They made sure to not put au jus on my plate or butter, so I was happy.

Legal Sea Foods: We went to the one at the Prudential Center in Boston.  Here is their gf menu. They actually had complimentary rolls for me, when we went. I ordered the Chef's Platter which had shrimp, scallops, and the chef's choice of three fish, I got the salmon, swordfish, and tuna. I had broccoli and brown rice with it. I literally cleaned my plate, it was quite good and they knew exactly how to handle someone with food intolerances/allergies.

Papa Razzi: We went to the Newbury St., Boston location. They have gluten-free pasta and pizza dough, making it actually possible to have Italian for dinner. I had a simple chicken and broccoli pasta dish and sorbetto for dessert.

Pier 49: I've only tried the pizza here in Logan, UT and only a couple of times, mainly because it's expensive.  They offer the same precautions that Domino's does, saying it's cooked in the same environment as gluten containing pizza, but I haven't gotten sick from it. When I have gotten pizza there, my favorite has been the Bay Bridge...lot's of veggies and no cheese. I have not tried their gluten-free pasta yet, so I cannot tell you how that is.

Pizza Pie Cafe: This is another spot here in Logan that we take the kids.  They are a pizza, pasta, salad buffet.  But they offer a gluten-free option for $2 more, with that option you order a pizza how you want it and they bring it out to you (and you get to take the leftovers home).  They've been very good about letting us bring our own Daiya cheese for my little one (they've only messed up once, which was quite traumatic, but we've forgiven them, since he didn't ingest any of that pizza). They will also make you gluten free pasta (in the back in a separate area to their gluten pasta which is made in the buffet area) and bring it to your table.

Red Robin: These guys make fantastic burgers! The server has always brought out a binder that has menus for all the different allergies, so we know exactly what we can order.  And on top of that they have Udi's buns, so I can enjoy a really fantastic burger on a fantastic bun. My favorite is the guacamole bacon burger without the cheese. We've been to the Layton, Salt Lake City, and the Provo, Utah locations.

Rumbi Island Grill: I've gotten Rumbi a few times here in Logan when we are having a lunch meeting at work and it's brought it.  It's always the same, but it's good: A rice bowl with non-marinated chicken with steamed veggies and rumbi rice (coconut rice with beans) and NO sauces.

Texas De Brazil: This is a Brazilian steakhouse.  They have a salad/side dish buffet, and then they come around to the tables with the meat, and they keep coming until you tell them to stop.  The great thing about that place was I mentioned my food issues to the server when we sat down and he pulled out a list from his pocket that let me know everything that was and wasn't was my cheat sheet and I used it.  All of there meats are gluten free and most of their buffet was, too (just the obvious things like croutons and such had gluten).  The only meats that had dairy were the chicken wings and the Parmesan there are plenty of options.  And on top of that their limeade is dairy-free...I know that should be a given, but the other Brazilian restaurants we've been to have added sweetened condensed milk to their limeades. We went to the Salt Lake City location.

Texas Roadhouse: This is one of my husband's favorite places to eat here in town (I'd rather eat Mexican, Indian, or Thai food...but we're different like that). They do have excellent steaks and I always get a plain filet mignon with a plain sweet potato and steamed broccoli.  It's a plain meal, but it's good...and my husband gets to enjoy his favorite food.

Twizlberry: This is a great little yogurt shop that offers dairy-free sorbets, too! The kids love to go and build their own treats. They have quite a few safe toppings to choose from and we haven't had any issues of cross contamination.

Uno Chicago Grill: We went here while we were in Boston. They have a decent gluten-free menu.   I got the gluten free veggie pizza without cheese.  I also got a frozen raspberry lime rickey, which was so amazingly delicious and refreshing.  They were so good here, the manager (like they are supposed to) came out and made sure everything was fine, brought out the food, and checked in again later.


Atlantic Fish: I loved this place! They were very accommodating there, the top section on there menu is perfect for people with food intolerances, because you choose how it's cooked. Both the server and the managers made sure that I felt confident in my choices. I ordered the grilled tuna with basmati rice and grilled asparagus. Really, this restaurant is a great choice, and I would definitely go there again, if I get back out to Boston.

b.good:This place is like a fast food restaurant, that has high quality, handmade's good! And they have Udi's gluten-free buns!  I got a Cousin Oliver gluten-free turkey burger with sweet potato fries. Their menu online doesn't talk about the gluten-free buns, but under ingredients on their site, it lists the ingredients for the gf buns...and when we walked in they had a sign right on their menu that said "We had GF Buns". 

Brasserie Jo: This was the restaurant attached to our hotel, so it made it easy for breakfast.  I played it safe and I had the fresh fruit salad.

Cheer's: I got the bunless burger, which comes with a caesar salad, and the waitress was good about checking the ingredients on the dressing for me.  There is parmesan cheese in the caesar dressing, just so you know.  I got my bunless burger with a garden salad instead, with oil and vinegar to top it. It wasn't anything fantastic, the burger was decent and it filled me up.


Cafe Sabor: One of my favorite Mexican Restaurants in town. Obviously their flour tortillas have gluten, but their shredded chicken and sweet pork also have gluten.  The nice thing, though, is that they can customize almost anything on their menu to be gluten-free and dairy-free.

Coppermill: This is a local steak and seafood restaurant.  They have little GF indicators right on the menu, but ordering dairy-free is a little more work (but still not bad).  I usually get a steak or the salad bar

El Toro Veijo: My very favorite Mexican restaurant in town. I am craving their refried beans as we speak, they are the best refried beans I've ever had.  Really, they are so good, if I don't eat them fast enough off my plate, my husband will eat them (and my husband does not share food or eat off of other people's plates).  My go to item (I get this every time) is the tacos al carbon...steak tacos topped with pico de gallo...just make sure to ask for it without the parmesan cheese and no cheese on the beans.

Elements: They have a gluten-free menu...just ask for it.  I tried this place out once and got the Thai chicken lettuce wraps...oh my goodness, they were so good.  The curry sauce that comes with it is dairy-free, so you can enjoy that as well.

Firehouse Pizzeria: This place is a bit pricey for the gluten-free folk, but the Cowboy Pizza is really awesome, and the have the best vinaigrette--sun-dred tomato and basil. They also offer gluten-free pasta options.

Gaucho Grill: This is a brazilian steakhouse.  They have a buffet of the sides and bring the meat around to your table.  This is one of our favorite places to go.  They have a sheet you can ask for that has a list of all their menu items that contain gluten.  The dairy is pretty straight forward...cheese, parmesan cheese on the meat, etc.

Herm's Inn: My boss likes to take us out to breakfast a lot, and we found this little breakfast/lunch joint a little while back and finally tried it out....and guess what? They have gluten-free pancakes! (Update: they no longer have pancakes) The atmosphere is great and the food even better!  I highly recommend them!

Indian Oven: I also love Indian food, and this is my very favorite Indian restaurant in town.  I love, love, love their Chicken Coconut Kurma and their Vegetable Coconut Kurma. I also love their Aloo Gobi (seasoned veggies) and their vegetable curries...and don't get me started on their Daal...I crave that stuff all the time.  Oh, and speaking of craving...their Pakoras are simply amazing.  Pakoras are made with chickpea flour, so they are naturally gluten-free. They have a lunch buffet on weekdays, and I have never gotten sick from it.  The only thing that has gluten in it is their naan bread, so it's easy to stay away from that.

Juniper Takeout: This is our go to family restaurant in town.  The boys love, love, love the turkey sticks, and I can get my burger and fries fix. (They also have an amazing turkey steak, which is basically ground turkey breaded and fried...but it's amazing)

Kamin: I love Thai food, and this is an excellent local Thai restaurant. I love their fresh spring rolls, curries and the sweet sticky rice with peaches for dessert.

Tandoori Oven: This is the other Indian restaurant in in Logan, I just tried it out for the first time last week. Their lunch buffet is a little smaller, still tasty, but not as much to choose from (especially if you're dairy-free)  It probably was the day I was there, but still I didn't have much to choose from. Once again, you can look at Indian Oven's listing for my favorites.

The Beehive Grill: They have a gluten-free menu...just ask for it.  I've only been there once, but it was delicious.  The only draw back, is that the service is very slow.  I got the grilled fish tacos with the vegetarian chili on the side.  (They have the best vegetarian chili!)

Zeppe's: This is a little Italian Ice/Ice Cream Shop. The offer a large selection of Italian Water Ice, which happens to be dairy-free and also quite refreshing. My older son loves the chocolate/vanilla swirl old fashioned custard, as well. So, both our dairy-eater and dairy-freers are happy here.

Salt Lake City

Little America: We've been to their steakhouse for the breakfast buffet, and yes, buffets are scary, but they had theirs laid out in a way that I didn't have to worry about cross contamination.  All of the gluteny things were in an entirely different section then the bacon, potatoes and eggs.  And then they had a whole section of fresh fruit.

Mekong Cafe (7725 S State St, SLC, UT):  This a tiny family owned Thai restaurant.  I've tried the chicken satay and the red curry salmon, both were excellent.

Red Iguana:  I've been to the original location, but they have a few others, as well. They have a gluten-free menu that makes it so much easier to order.  I got the carne asada soft tacos...and can I just say that their corn tortillas are the best I've ever had, they were sooo good! If dairy-free just remember to ask for no cheese on the refried beans.

Red Robin


  1. Wow! Were from Texas but some of these work for us as well. Would you like to have suggestions from our area? Also my husband travels occasionally and I can have him give suggestions. Most all of our family and friends are on a Paleo diet. So we are always on the lookout for great recipes, restaurants, etc. and I love your site!

    1. I would love to add your suggestions! Send them to pauladecaria(at) Thank you!

  2. This is awesome! I had no idea so many restaurants would work with us! I am in Utah so this is super duper helpful.

  3. This is really helpful! I'm local (Nibley) and relatively new to gluten and dairy free eating. (Allergic to sesame too, so Asian food is out.) Eating out at new places scares me, so I appreciate you sharing what you have learned. I read your full story and I can so relate! Still trying to talk my kids into trying elimination diets. They are old enough to know what they would be missing and I can't be with them 24/7.

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