Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Salt Lake Restaurants

We just got back from our 10th anniversary weekend away.  We spent the weekend in Salt Lake City and I thought I'd share where we ate, just in case you ever go there and need a restaurant idea.

Our first stop was the Red Iguana, the original one (there's a few locations now).  They have a gluten-free menu that makes it so much easier to order.  I got the carne asada soft tacos...and can I just say that their corn tortillas are the best I've ever had, they were sooo good! If you're like me (dairy intolerant) just remember to ask for no cheese on the refried beans.

Our next stop was Mekong Cafe (7725 S State St, SLC, UT).  It's a tiny family owned Thai restaurant.  We shared the chicken satay, and then I had the red curry salmon.  It was one of the best Thai curry sauces I've ever had...so worth the drive across town.

We slept in really late the next morning, so by the time we left the hotel it was about lunchtime.  So, we went to my hubby's favorite burger place: Five Guys.  Why I love this place is that the menu is incredibly simple.  They serve burgers and fries.  The fries are safe, because that's the only thing that goes in the fryer.  The burgers are safe, when you order them protein style, in a lettuce wrap.  And they are really good about changing their gloves and making sure the work area is clean before making the burger. I ordered a little bacon burger in a lettuce wrap. I was going to bring my own bun...but the buns were forgotten in our freezer at home, and you know what, the burger was fantastic without them.

We were checking out City Creek, the new shopping center downtown, around dinnertime, so we decided to really spurge on dinner and had it at the Texas de Brazil Churrascaria.  It's a Brazilian steakhouse.  They have a salad/side dish buffet...which can be scary, but they keep it clean and well maintained.  And then they come around to the tables with the meat, and they keep coming until you tell them to stop.  So, we definitely did not leave hungry that night.  The great thing about that place was I mentioned my food issues to the server when we sat down and he pulled out a list from his pocket that let me know everything that was and wasn't safe...it was my cheat sheet and I used it.  All of there meats are gluten free and most of their buffet was, too (just the obvious things like croutons and such had gluten).  The only meats that had dairy were the chicken wings and the Parmesan pork...so I had plenty of options.  And on top of that their limeade is dairy-free...I know that should be a given, but the other Brazilian restaurants we've been to have added sweetened condensed milk to their limeades, so it was nice to actually be able to enjoy a limeade this time.

The next morning we enjoyed a late breakfast at the Little America.  Their steakhouse does a breakfast buffet, and yes, buffets are scary, but they had theirs laid out in a way that I didn't have to worry about cross contamination.  All of the gluteny things were in an entirely different section then the bacon, potatoes and eggs.  And then they had a whole section of fresh fruit, so I was definitely set and my husband was happy that he could eat whatever he wanted for breakfast.

Since breakfast was late, we didn't eat again until dinner and we went to one of my favorites: Red Robin.  I love them, because they carry Udi's buns and I can enjoy a really fantastic burger on a fantastic bun. I had my favorite the guacamole bacon burger without the cheese.

So, there's a few restaurants that were quite successful for me in my Salt Lake adventure.


  1. Woohoo-thank you so much for this fabulous post! I live in Salt Lake and my celiac husband has always wondered which places are safe to eat at. I hope you had a wonderful time in Utah. Thanks again for all of this information!

    1. I'm glad it was helpful, I actually live up in Logan, UT...so you may find more restaurant posts that are helpful in the future. Also, http://glutenfreeinslc.blogspot.com/ has an excellent section on restaurants, that's how a got some of my ideas for the trip.