Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Black Pepper Beef

To celebrate the Chinese New Year, my coworkers and I had a potluck lunch.  One coworker brought an amazing Black Pepper Chicken dish.  I wanted to recreate it and home, but didn't have any chicken, so I turned it into Black Pepper Beef, super easy and super delicious!

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Black Pepper Beef
3/4 lb sirloin steak or similar
1 tablespoon GF soy sauce
3 tablespoons Corn Starch
1 tablespoon canola or coconut oil
1 small onion, peeled and cut into wedges
4 stalks celery, cut into large pieces
1 stalk of green onion, diced
grated fresh ginger, to taste (optional)
1 tablespoon Gluten Free Soy sauce or Coconut Aminos
1 teaspoon vinegar
1/2 tablespoon black pepper
Salt, to taste

Cut the beef into thin slices, about 1/4" thick.  Toss the pieces with soy sauce, then evenly coat them with the corn starch.  Evenly spread the beef out on a wire rack set atop a sheet pan, and place the beef in the freezer for about 30 minutes.

Heat up a deep fryer to about 375F.  Fry about 1/4 of the beef at a time, for about 3 minutes.  Allow the beef to drain on paper towels while you cook the remainder of the beef.

Heat a wok or skillet over medium high heat and add in the oil.  Saute the onion and celery for about 5 minutes, until it it tender crisp.  Add in the beef, ginger, green onion, soy sauce, vinegar, and salt and pepper. Cook until heated through and well mixed.

Serve over rice.

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