Friday, November 19, 2010

Silvana's All purpose Gluten-Free Flour

Okay, I'm going to be using this a lot.  This is Silvana Nardone's all purpose flour from Cooking for Isaiah.  I'm giving her all the credit, because it is her blend...but a lot of my recipes are probably going to be using this blend, so I thought I'd pass it on, with my minor change--I use brown rice flour instead of white rice flour.

By they way, you really should buy "Cooking for Isaiah" if you haven't yet.  Or ask for it for Christmas. ;)

Update 1/25/12: I've decided not to have her recipe posted here.  It's her recipe, so I feel it isn't fair to her for people to be coming to my site for her work.  You can find her recipe on page 15 of her book, Cooking for Isaiah, which is part of the preview on Amazon.  So, go to Amazon, check out the flour recipe--and buy her book, it's a good book.  And, go here to check out my flour blend, it works really well, I really love it and use it now instead of Silvana's (her's is really good, too, though).


  1. I just purchased this book (so excited to start trying recipes). Have you found that the brown rice flour works as well as the white? I am going to be grinding my own rice flour, and I have tond of brown rice on hand. But I was hesitant to make a blind substitution before finding out if it worked for anyone else. Thanks!

  2. Yes, brown rice works fine in place of the white rice.

  3. Thank you for being so considerate to Silvana. Very unselfish of you and we need way more of you in our world.