Saturday, April 2, 2011

Dairy-Free 'Cadbury' Creme Eggs

Easter is not Easter without the Cadbury Creme Eggs, so I set out this morning to make our own version of it...and I'm pretty sure it was a success, because I ended up making 2 more batches today, just so we'd have some tomorrow.  I'm pretty sure we're on a sugar high right now. :) If you don't have egg molds, you can just roll the filling, freeze them, and then dip them in the chocolate...its so worth the $2 to buy the egg molds, though and have chocolate eggs for Easter. :) Happy Easter a few weeks early!

Also, I have this post linked to Cybel Pascal's Allergy Friendly Friday for 4/8/11, check it out here. :)


Dairy-free 'Cadbury' Creme Eggs
adapted from here and here

1/2 cup light corn syrup
1/4 cup dairy-free margarine
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/4 teaspoon salt
3 cups powdered sugar
yellow and red food coloring
Enjoy Life Rice Milk Chocolate Bars (we used at least 8, I think, and also a 12 oz bag of chocolate chips, too, this makes plenty)

egg molds

Combine the corn syrup, butter, vanilla and salt in a large bowl. Beat well with an electric mixer until smooth.  Add powdered sugar, a little at a time and mix after each addition.  Mix until creamy. Remove about 1/3 of the mixture and place in a small bowl.  Add in food coloring (I made mine an orangish color) and mix well.  Place both mixtures into pastry piping bags (or in my case, gallon ziploc bags with the tip cut off). Set aside.

Melt chocolate either in a double boiler or in the microwave.  Once smooth fill the chocolate molds and place them in the freezer for a few minutes (my eggs were perfect after 3 minutes).  You want the outsides of the egg set, but the inside still melted, or at least really, really soft.  Hollow out the egg half by scooping out the softened middles.  Place back in the freezer for a few more minutes until completely set then remove from the molds.  Repeat until all of the chocolate has been used up.

Pipe the white filling into one half of the egg and a smaller amount of the orange filling into the other half of the egg.  Combine the two halves.  I found that the filling was enough to hold the two halves together, but you could seal the two sides with some melted chocolate if you wanted to. Wrap each egg aluminum foil, and try not to eat them all at once. :)


  1. These look great, I miss creme eggs! Do you think the corn syrup is essential or could brown rice syrup work just as well? I found this recipe via Allergy Friendly Friday, thanks for sharing!

  2. These look amazing! :) I can't wait to try them.

    I have substituted agave nectar in recipes that call for corn syrup and they have turned out just fine, even candies.

  3. Wow. These look fantastic.

  4. @ohmahdeehness: I would think that brown rice syrup would work fine, or like Tress said you could try agave nectar.

    1. As I have understood it for years, brown rice syrup may contain gluten, so I would take care.

  5. omg!!!!! I love Cadburys cream eggs! :)

    Must get egg molds now.....

  6. So clever! I may have to a corn-free version. I never would have though to attempt these!