Saturday, April 30, 2011

Homemade Flour Tortillas

I love when I find a recipe that looks too easy to actually work, and when I convert it, it actually works.  That's what happened here, I found this recipe, easily converted it and it worked.  It worked so well, that my older son and I gorged ourselves silly eating them straight up, out of the pan.  And he was sooo excited to eat cheese quesadillas with flour tortillas instead of our regular corn ones.

Homemade Flour Tortillas

6 cups gf flour blend
10 tablespoons cold dairy-free margarine
2 cups hot water
2 teaspoons coarse sea salt

1. Cut the margarine into the flour until it is evenly distributed and looks crumbly. I use my food processor, and it takes all of the work out of it.
2. Dissolve the salt into the hot water.  Pour the water into the flour mixture and stir until combined. I actually used my hands and kneaded it to get all of the flour incorporated and the dough smooth.
3. Divide the dough into 12-18 balls.  Flour (with gf flour blend) a clean surface and roll each ball flat, try to make it as thin as you can.
4. Heat skillet on high then reduce it to medium.  Place the flattened dough into the skillet and cook until a few bubbles form then flip.  Allow the other side to cook about 1 minute (it was about 1 minute on each side, once I got going).
5. Stack the completed tortillas on a plate and continue to cook until finished.  The heat from the surrounding tortillas will both keep the tortillas warm, and keep them soft.

Note: If you are going to freeze them, place plastic wrap in between each tortilla and then freeze them in a ziploc bag.

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  1. I am super impressed that you made non-corn GF tortillas! I haven't been brave enough to try, but now I really want to!

  2. I too get super excited when I covert a recipe to gfree and it works! These tortillas look pillowy and flexible which is what i've been missing in a tortilla. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Those look so much like regular flour tortillas! I must try them soon -- thanks for the recipe :-)

  4. I found your blog a few days ago and tried this tortilla recipe this morning. They are amazing! Like manna from heaven! THANK YOU THANK YOU!