Friday, September 10, 2010

kinnikinnick KinniKritters Animal Cookies -- Review

Okay, so I'm sitting here at work...I went to Lee's on my lunch to check out their gluten-free section...and couldn't resist trying the KinniKritters cookies.  I have heard they are really good and they are!  I need to hide the box before I eat them all...I was supposed to save them to take to the Peach Days Parade with us tomorrow.  I got the original flavor, there is also graham and chocolate flavors, but they don't have those available at Lee's.  But the original ones are just like eating a butter cookie, oh how I love butter cookies. :)
Rating: 10 out of 10! The only drawback is the price ($4.29/8 oz box), but it is nice to eat cookies that taste like cookies, they were definitely delicious and worth it!

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