Friday, September 10, 2010

Lee's Marketplace has KinniKritters and S'moreables!!!!

I have quickly discovered it is impossible to find everything you need at one store.  We really do have decent gluten-free sections in stores around here in Cache Valley, but sometimes it takes hitting a few of the stores to get everything on your list.  I do like Macey's, Smith's and Smith's Marketplace gluten-free sections, along with Shangri La Health Foods and today I'm adding to the list.  I went to Fresh Market (old Albertson's) and there section is okay....but they do have a nice flour section on aisle 18 in their new organic/food storage area.  And my new favorite, even though it's clear across town: Lee's, it's a decent size gluten-free section located right next to the mexican and asian foods.  But what I love the most it has the kinnikinnick brand.  Macey's has it, too, but only a couple of items (so does Lees, but more items than Macey's)  They actually have the KinniKritters animal cookies and the S'moreables graham-like crackers (they were out of stock of the graham crackers, so I'll have to try back later).  I was so excited, because I need to buy some sort of equivalent snacks for my son at daycare and well, they eat a lot of crackers, anyway, I'm letting all of you know you don't have to drive down to Ogden, Layton, or beyond if you're looking for a special treat. :)

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  1. Ooh! I'm glad you found the Smorables! Smith's used to have them and I was so sad when they quit carrying them. I need some for Barrett's preschool.