Sunday, October 3, 2010

Artichokes with Herb Butter Sauce

Sometimes, I think we get carried away with trying to come up with gluten-free recipes that we forget that there are so many foods out there that are naturally gluten-free.  This post is nothing fancy or a break-through in cooking, but a reminder that you really don't need to do something special to make your meals gluten-free, especially when you're starting out.  A dinner consisting of lean meat, veggies, fruit, and maybe rice or potatoes, so more than plenty to eat, you really won't miss the bread.  So, in honor of that, I'll let you know what I ate for lunch--artichokes.  Now, I hardly ever (really, probably only once before) buy whole artichokes to eat.  But these ones came in my bountiful basket, so I had to celebrate and gorge myself on them.  For some reason, I'm a short order cook for lunches...I really shouldn't cater to everyone, but it's nice to have everyone eating, so I still do it.  But having a meal where everyone gets what they want, allows me to have what I want without everyone complaining, so no complaining about artichokes, because I had it all to myself.

Now for those of you, like me, that prefer buying artichokes in a can, so you don't have to wonder, "how the heck to I eat this?", here is the link for the recipe I used from Better Homes and Gardens, it includes instructions on how to clean and cook whole artichokes. :)  I used dill as my herb in my sauce and dairy-free margarine, of course, instead of butter.  It was divine!

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