Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kinnikinnick Cookies and Donuts -- Review

Oh, how I love Kinnikinnick, all of the snacks we have tried have been amazingly good, like addictive good.  I have already reviewed the K-toos Vanilla Sandwich Cookies, the S'moreables and the K-Kritters and all of those were fantastics, so of course we had to try more.  So first off to review is the Kinnikinnick K-toos Chocolate and Vanilla Sandwich Cookies (their version of the Oreo).  I couldn't ask for a better gluten-free dairy-free Oreo...I love it and so do my boys.  We have eaten way too many of them...we actually have downed to boxes before I had a chance to write the review.  The have a wonderful chocolate flavor, it definitely has curbed those chocolate cravings for me.  Now, if only they would make them in 'double stuf', then my life would be totally complete...at least for that moment.

Overall Rating: 10 out of 10  Kinnikinnick really does an amazing job with their cookies, they are simply scrumptious!

Now on to Donuts...I bought the Vanilla Glazed Donuts as a treat for my boys to help them with this first week of diet adjustments (my older one is going off gluten, my younger one who is already of gluten is now going off casein).  All I can say is holy cow, I'm in love!!  These taste just like regular cake donuts and with the amount of glaze on top every kid in the world will love these.  I am a big fan of cake donuts and these definitely satisfied my donut craving that I've been having since my big brother was going off about them, like a month ago (thanks, Dan :P).  They got the texture right and everything, they were delicious.  Just a warning, like most other gluten-free baked goods, these need to be kept in the freezer, then thawed right before use.  We stuck them in the microwave for a few seconds (15-20 seconds a piece, to be exact) and they came out perfect.  The nice thing with them in the freezer, I can't see them tempting me, and I have to thaw them before I indulge...it's much easier to limit myself that way. :)

Overall Rating: 10 out of 10  I am in love with these donuts and will definitely be buying them again.

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