Friday, October 22, 2010

Kinnikinnick English Muffins -- Review

Yes, more kinnikinnick to review, but it really is a good brand for the most part, so it's definitely worth trying their products.  My mother-in-law bought these english muffins for us and most of them will be used to make mini pizzas for the boys at day care, but I did want to test them out as well, so I did.

I was a bit worried after trying their bread, but was pleasantly surprised.  It's definitely not a english muffin by any means, more like a chewy hamburger bun, it it's still statisfying.  I think that it may be the same recipe as the bread, or at least similar, but having it in a muffin/bun form definitely gives it a different texture, it doesn't crumble like the bread did--but I really think that's because it's not sliced bread.

I first tried it toasted with freshly made plum jam on top and it was so yummy!  I then used another muffin for 2 mini pizzas for Dominic and I (so yes, they had Daiya cheese on top).  I think that was the best gluten-free pizza I've had, and it was so stinking easy.  I thawed the muffins, split it, and toasted it.  Then topped it with pizza sauce and the cheese and put it under the broiler for a couple minutes.  This will be my new go to lunch for the boys when we need something quick.

Overall Rating 8 out of 10  They are not english muffins in taste and texture, but they still are tasty and work really, really well for min pizzas, so I will be buying these again.

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