Monday, February 28, 2011

Soy Update

Okay, I usually don't do posts outside of reviews and recipes, but this is part of our life and so I wanted to update we were are right now.  My little one has a soy sensitivity, but I know it isn't too bad, because it wasn't triggered until we switched all the dairy items to soy items.  But, we played it safe and took anything soy related out of his diet.  We soon discovered that soy lecithin was safe, so that made life a lot easier.  Now, I'm pretty sure that soybean oil is fine.  I've been using our Nucoa margarine instead of our Earth Balance Soy-free margarine for the past few weeks in cooking and on toast, etc.--and he's still the same happy boy, no reaction at all.  So, I'm starting to feel comfortable with the oils now.  It'll still be a long while before I test soy protein, because I know that is where the sensitivity lies, but for now, we have more leeway some of our food. :)

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  1. I'm jealous. For some reason Barrett has always reacted the most to the oil. I'm tempted to test it out again though because soy free butter and shortening is soooo expensive!