Monday, December 13, 2010

Bread Tips

So, anyone on a gluten-free diet know that bread will dry out, on the counter top, in the fridge, even in the freezer.  I hate wasting any of my bread, so yes, I've eaten less then desirable servings of what used to be classified as bread...but, I discovered a way to revive dried out and stale bread.  We had a Christmas party the other night, I knew there would be rolls there, and I knew that my older son would want to have one...but all I had in the freezer was some dried out 'rocks' that used to be rolls.  I stuck them in the fridge to thaw the night before, then I wrapped them in a damp paper towel and  microwaved them (there were 3) for about 30 seconds, and viola soft rolls that tasted like they were fresh from the oven!  So, don't waste your bread, just steam it! ;)

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