Thursday, October 28, 2010

Work Halloween Party

We are now in the party season, with Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years approaching you are bound to be out and about surround by food.  Yesterday was exactly that for me.  We had a little Halloween party at work, and it was a blast.  It was a potluck menu with a sign up sheet for meat, sides, dessert, etc.  I signed up to bring some pulled pork so I would know that it was safe to consume and also a dessert, because I knew if I didn't bring a dessert, chances were I would get to eat one.  For the pulled pork I used the McCormick Slow Cookers BBQ Pulled Pork Seasoning pack to make the pulled pork, amazingly good, and amazingly easy--and it's gluten-free/dairy-free! I brought my own hamburger bun, so I could enjoy it as a sandwich.  And amazingly almost all of the side dishes were gluten-free/dairy-free, so I got to enjoy those as well (potato salad, green salad, and chips).  Of course, dessert was the main culprit of gluten and dairy, so I was so happy I brought my own--and they were a huge hit!  Remember the eyeball candy I made for my kids?  Yeah, they are a hit with grown-ups, too. Below is a picture of them:

This is proof that you can have a wonderful meal away from home, at a potluck event and be totally fine.  Just make sure that you cover your bases and bring alternatives (i.e. buns, rolls, desserts) for things you know you won't be able to consume. 

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