Saturday, October 13, 2012

Weekly Menu (10/14/12-10/20/12)

First of all...thank you to all of you that have voted for my blog. It is in the running for the Top 25 Food Allergy Moms. If you enjoy my blog, would you take just a few seconds and click the link below and go and vote for Live Free, Gluten Free? There is less than a week left! You can vote every 24 hours, so please do! Thanks!

Also, for those of you that live in our around Cache Valley Utah.  I am doing a cooking show at the Providence Macey's on Tuesday at 7:00pm.  I'm making apple fritters and pumpkin bars, so please come! It's free and you get treats, it can't get better than that!

This week in our half of the Bountiful Basket (I share with my brother) we got:
  • acorn squash
  • lemons
  • grapes
  • lettuce
  • asian pears
  • bananas
  • potatoes

    We also got the Asian add-on pack which had:
    • Celery
    • Snow Peas
    • Basil
    • Green Onions
    • Ginger
    • Garlic
    • Onion
    • Water Chestnuts
    • Napa Cabbage
      I also have lemons, carrots, beets, and bananas to supplement the basket.

      This week for breakfast:
      For the Kids:
      For me: (I get up 2-3 hours before anyone in my house, hence why I have a separate breakfast)

      This week for school lunches:  (we have fall break starting on Wednesday, so this is just for Monday and Tuesday)

      • PB&J on Udi's bread or Schar crispbread with pepperoni and cheese
      • fresh fruit, applesauce, or mandarin oranges
      • chips or crackers
      • milk
      This week for lunches at home:

      • Hot Dogs
      • chips
      • fruit
      • Corn Dogs (I'll eat leftovers from dinner)
      • carrot sticks
      • Sandwiches
      • chips
      • fruit
      This week for dinner:


      • Chicken Red Curry Soup (I'm experimenting)
      • Fresh Spring Rolls using the napa cabbage, carrots, celery, and basil
      • sliced asian pears 
      Tuesday: Cooking Show night! See above for details.
      • Tacos (I'll eat left over soup)
      • green salad and carrot sticks
      • grapes


      • French Toast
      • bacon
      • bananas

      • Pulled Pork Sandwiches
      • Baked Potatoes
      • carrot and celery sticks

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